• Management Fees

Management Fees

Description of Advisory Services and Fees

PAA offers full time, customized management of assets for individuals, business organizations, retirement plans, trusts, and endowments. PAA also provides investment supervisory services in which case Separate Account managers (SAMs) are employed by PAA on behalf of the client.

Management Fees

Fees for portfolio management are calculated as a percentage of account asset value.

Peregrine Managed Accounts – 1.0%

Fees are negotiable based on the client’s expectations of PAA and the work required for each client.

The range of negotiated fees is based on assets under management, ranging from 1.0% down to zero.

PAA accepts some deposits from clients for which no management fee is charged. These zero-rate accounts require no ongoing and continuous management by PAA.

Fee schedules are included in the written agreement between the client and the adviser. Each party may rescind the agreement upon 30 days written notice.

PAA also offers business consulting services for a negotiated fee as to general financial trends. Any of these written opinions are for the client’s use only and not for general circulation.

Generally, fees are paid quarterly at the end of the period. Should the written agreement provide for fees in advance, pro rata refunds will be paid after the 30-day notice period.


*Past Performance is no guarantee of future results. Investment management involves the possibility of losses. Significant general stock market moves up and down can influence the performance of client portfolios. Composite returns are based on client portfolios of over $100,000. Not all clients are included in the composites. All returns include the reinvestment of dividends. All returns are net of fees. Composite returns are derived from aggregated, time weighted returns for clients of Peregrine Asset Advisers. Individual client returns can deviate from the composite returns. While Peregrine uses the S&P 500 as a benchmark, Peregrine does not attempt to mimic the structure of this index. Individual client portfolios vary. The number of stock positions also varies per client.