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Dan Botti

Grant Kerger

Dan BottiDan Botti
Principal, Investment Adviser, Portfolio Manager, Compliance Officer

Dan has been helping clients gain financial independence for decades. He is the principal and founder of Peregrine Asset Advisers. Dan is the chief investment manager for the firm and is responsible for investment selection for Peregrine clients so that their assets can flourish.

Dan is the Chief Compliance officer for Peregrine and Northline Wealth Management. This role ensures that policies and procedures are established and followed in the best interests of clients.

Dan and other Peregrine and Northline staff perform client reviews, updates, and financial planning.

Dan is an alum of the University of Colorado, where he received a BA in Economics cum laude. 

Dan emphasizes the need for people’s money to work for them.

“Life is hard. People have many difficulties – illness, jobs, and frayed relationships. Money does not fix these problems. But very often it can lighten these burdens.“

“If money grows rapidly, people can use their gains to help themselves or other people in whatever problems they face.”

“This is why it is vital for people to get a good return on their assets.“

Dan and his wife, Cendi, live in Hillsboro and have three grown children, Audrey, Margo, and Jack.

Audrey and her husband, Jeremy Roloff, and their three children live in Hillsboro, on an adjacent property to Dan and Cendi. They are influencers and conduct a Christian Faith ministry through their writing and publishing. Margo lives in San Diego and works for PAE, a leader in sustainable engineering design. Jack is a videographer of renowned acclaim and is engaged to McKenna Eisenbrandt from Wilsonville, Oregon. The couple live in Bend, Oregon.

Dan’s brother Chris just happens to be the famous, Grammy award-winning trumpet master and jazz artist.

When not at work at Peregrine, Dan is inspired to visit with friends and follow the pursuits of his family.

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Investment Adviser

Grant is a seasoned investment adviser and is experienced in all phases of our practice that serves clients.  He has numerous roles supporting the needs of our clients as well as creating new solutions for necessary procedures and reporting requirements.

Grant single-handedly developed the trading system which we use to execute trades and allocate orders to client accounts.

Grant has a special interest in locating winning stocks for our client accounts.  “Too often people are held back by their general stock market fears and lose sight of the special companies that make up the market.  These companies constantly differentiate themselves and innovate to stay one step ahead of their competitors. A good investment adviser can sort out the potential winners from the losers.”  Grant has a command of necessary investment strategies and communicates them effectively to clients.

Before building his career at Peregrine, Grant earned a BS in finance from the Eller School of Business at The University of Arizona.

Grant maintains a single-digit handicap in golf and plays at various courses around town.  In addition to golf, Grant enjoys spending time with his family and friends.

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*Past Performance is no guarantee of future results. Investment management involves the possibility of losses. Significant general stock market moves up and down can influence the performance of client portfolios. Composite returns are based on client portfolios of over $100,000. Not all clients are included in the composites. All returns include the reinvestment of dividends. All returns are net of fees. Composite returns are derived from aggregated, time weighted returns for clients of Peregrine Asset Advisers. Individual client returns can deviate from the composite returns. While Peregrine uses the S&P 500 as a benchmark, Peregrine does not attempt to mimic the structure of this index. Individual client portfolios vary. The number of stock positions also varies per client.